Pramugari Ini ‘Sekolahkan’ Pemuda Biadap Yang Hina Orang Kerja Flight Attendant


Ada yang sanjung dan ada juga segelintir golong yang memandang remeh terhadap pekerjaan seni pernerbangan ini, lebih-lebih lagi pramugara/ pramugari. Ada yang menghina kerana menganggap jalan mudah untuk menjadi glamour namun hakitkatnya ia tidaklah mudah/glamour seperti mana yang disangka.

Menerusi laman Twitter, ada seorang lelaki memuat naik status yang seakan-akan menghina pekerja anak kapal sehingga mendapat perhatian daripada seorang pramugari yang dikenali sebagai Anna Jimenez ini. Hinaan tersebut ditepis oleh beliau disamping menjelaskan skop kerja, siapa sebenarnya pramugari/pramugara ini.

Tak perlula kita hina dan merendah-rendahkan pekerjaan orang lain, setiap kerjaya ada kelebihan, kekurangannya sendiri. Bukan semua pramugari bersikap sepertimana yang dikatakan oleh pemuda biadap ini!


Dear Illa Ali

If you receive this message, I am sorry that you have to do the long reading. I would like to thank you for posting that status. I understand your concern and I am aware that we have our freedom of speech, however, to make things fair for everyone, let me speak on behalf of my fellow Flight Attendant friends.

You sounded a little bit unfair with your sentence “Kalau u nak kerja w good pay tapi malas belajar”.. I think I know you are referring more to those cute young girls/boys who become Flight Attendant at the age of 18. Or maybe you are refering to those mature men/ladies who push the cart at the age of 40? Regardless of what you think and which category you are referring to, I can give you explanation on each of your concern.

First of all, do not underestimate those people who serve your coffee or tea. The job might look easy for you but serving coffee or tea is not in the top priority on their job scope. They are more to ensuring your safety while you’re flying. They are there to ensure you buckle up which is done for a reason. They have gone through two solid months of headache (mentally and physically) to get into this job. They have learned all chapters of Safety & First Aid such as Fire Fighting, CPR, handling disruptive passengers and so on, in which many of people out there can’t cope. Not only that, they also have their yearly exams and drills to assess their competencies, failing which, they will not be able to get their license renewed and will be suspended from operating any flight.

Sesetengah orang memilih untuk jadi flight attendant kerana faktor waktu kerjanya yang fleksible yang membolehkan mereka untuk sambung belajar secara off-campus.

Do you believe in these words “learning is an endless task”? In my company, even our Boss, Tony Fernandes believes everyone can have equal opportunity to grow. Hence the existence of “From Flight Attendant to Pilot” or “From SPM Holder to Aircraft Engineer” position. This could happen because they learn throughout their duty period. Their interest developed from what they encounter everyday. They make friends to people from other divisions like engineers and pilots and they have the opportunity to gain more knowledge. Good talks could create good thoughts about something, no? A few of my Flight Attendant friends are now in Pilot Training School, struggling to get their exams done FROM the money they have earned from their job as Flight Attendant. Good money gained when they were young and earned it for their own future benefits. Some even use this job opportunity (due to its flexible working hours) to pursue their Diploma/Degree via PJJ (Pendidikan Jarak Jauh) while they are flying (Double benefits I would say? Working experience and knowledge gained at the same time). Even if they are unable to pursue their diploma/degree, I believe they have something else in mind to develop themselves, maybe investing in small business, attend courses or something. Now can you relate all these explanations to your first few words? 🙂 I know you are smart enough to think.

Saya berumur 32 tahun dan merupakan pemegang Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains Persekitaran dan sudah 5 kali ditawarkan untuk melanjutkan pengajian di tahap PhD.

Enough talking about non-college-educated Flight Attendants. Let’s move on to Category 2, those older sisters and brothers who are still sticking to this job like myself. 🙂 Mr Illa Ali, I am 32 years old and I am a Degree Holder in Environmental Science (not bragging, just to show you related points that I’ll explain later). I have been called for PTD position exams 5 times but I rejected them (in case you don’t know, PTD is Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik) and have been working with an international NGO. Many of my Flight Attendant friends are Degree or Master Holders, some of them were previously accountants, analyst etc. I admit, some family members criticize my move, saying that my Degree is useless if I don’t find any Government job or anything related to what I have studied in the University. People will ask “how long can you be in this job and what is the highest position you can get out of this?” Well, in answering those questions, let me just say I have my own reasons for staying. And so are my other friends.

Bukan takde pilihan kerja tapi sekurang-kurangnya kami tidak memilih kerja.

I am still sticking to this job at the moment mainly because of its working hours’ flexibility. I don’t like going to public places or malls during weekends where the crowds can be a headache, I appreciate my days off on weekdays so I could use the time to attend any additional self-development classes or do some official/beneficial stuffs. This is one of the jobs that allows us to get long offdays at a stretch without having to waste our Annual Leave entitlement, in which allows us to do small part-time business and gain extra income from it, without affecting our work performance that much. Despite the long flying hours and the delays that could happen on certain days, we are happy knowing that we only work from 5am until 10am and we’re done for the day. And we are grateful that we, sometimes, can work only 10 to 12 days in a month. Not to mention the travel benefits (apart from other benefits we can get) where airline staffs and their family members can enjoy traveling at super cheap fare. 🙂 I hope you are clear on this and though you might say we have no other choice but this job, these reasons excite us more and as long as we are still on track, we don’t really care about what other people say.

Bukan kami gila glamer, tapi skop kerja kami memerlukan kami untuk nampak elegan. Takkan nak pakai kain batik dengan baju kemeja je kot.

“Nak feeling glamour tapi takde talent, jadilah Flight Attendant”.. hmm this is another biased statement. This job is not about being glamorous. Maybe it was, back in the day but it’s not our main concern anymore. If you ask why they choose this job, most answers given are “GOOD PAY WITH TRAVEL BENEFITS” as stated above. Maybe we “look” glamorous because we are required to look pleasant, do the hair and apply make-up every time (which some of us don’t really fancy applying too much make-up on our offday lol). We don’t find collecting rubbish during transit and serving nasi lemak look glamorous. If we love being glamorous we would have resigned long ago and shifted to other airlines. Talking about talent, don’t be surprised if we have many flight attendants with unleashed talents around us. It’s just that they don’t really show it. Work is work. Talent is a bonus. (I flew with one girl yesterday and she is a singer under KRU Records and just started her part-time acting career too. How humble this beautiful girl is that we didn’t know she has such talents until at the end of the flight). And Sir, “talent” can be anything, being able to sell things easily by using effective marketing skills is considered as talent too. We have lot of Flight Attendants with various hidden talents you know 🙂

Sentiasa berfikiran terbuka. Siapalah kita untuk menjadi hakim

Simply put, have some respect on what people are doing. If it is not for themselves, maybe they are doing it for someone else or their family. There are mouths to be fed, stomach to be filled, and bills to be paid. Stop being overly rigid. After all, who are we to judge other people? 🙂

Anna Jimenez

P/S: you might see two types of flight attendants:
1) someone who looks very young but actually holding a Commercial Pilot license, or
2) someone who looks old but actually he/she is quite stable that she/he has greater side income, but still continues flying just to get the travel benefit and as a hobby 🙂

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